Train travel to Montpellier: a fantastic historical place to visit

In the occasion of preparing a trip to enjoy the world the recommendation is Montpellier. This is an important metropolis in the south of France with some impressing figures as occupying the seventh position in size of the whole country or being the population that grows faster over the past quarter of century.

It is located close to the Mediterranean Sea coast and corresponds to the third-biggest French city in that region after Marseille and Nice. Due to its geographical situation it offers to its visitors and inhabitants a moderate climate during all year. The average temperature ranges since about 7 oC in January to around 23 oC in July.

Approximately one third of the people living there are students from three vital universities and the same amount of big educational institutes. It is a touristic site with easy access through the airport but the best way to arrive is taking a train travel to Montpellier from Narbonne, Nimes and Avignon. Additionally, the zone has a vast historic and remarkable legacy where you can see medieval roads, the arc of the triumph and the central focus venue, the Place de la Comédie.

The city can be considered a highlighted spot of cultural activities. It has two significant concert sites: Le Zenith Sud with 7.000 seats an L’Arena with the double capacity. There is a summer activity called the Festival de Radio France et Montpellier which contemplates jazz and classical music. Countless events comprising opera, performances, movies and conferences are held, and almost all of them are free.

However if you travel in autumn you will have the opportunity to delight in the International Mediterranean Film Festival Montpellier which occupies the second position after the worldwide famed of Cannes. It presents more than 200 long and short movies, documentaries, animated films, etc. You can participate besides in different events like panel debates, exhibitions and reunions.

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