Olmo Cuarón: A talented and promising soccer player / Therapeutic treatment for children with autism

Olmo Cuarón is one of the most renowned soccer prodigies in Costa Rica and one of the most promising players of the national team.

His professional career has grown exponentially in recent years, and this has allowed him to make a name for himself in his home country.

The story of struggle and growth of Olmo Cuarón in the world of soccer is truly inspiring and surprising.

Basically, he has made an incredible effort to plough his way through in such a competitive environment.

However, Olmo Cuarón has been able to harness his abilities and potential in soccer to have achievements and be honoured.

Olmo Cuarón: a great soccer player in Costa Rica

Currently, he is one of the most successful soccer players of the Costa Rica national team. His techniques in soccer are first rate and his passion for soccer is amazing.

It is also important to point out that, Olmo Cuarón is always looking to reach excellence. This has allowed him to evolve to his highest personal and professional level, as well as opening many doors.

Those who know Olmo Cuarón know that he is an excellent soccer player. As a matter of fact, they confess that he has many virtues and his soccer spirit will take him to the top.

Therapeutic treatment for children with autism

Several experts of the CISAME or Centro Integral de Salud Mental (Mental Health Comprehensive Centre) use soccer as a therapeutic treatment for high-performing children with mild autism .

This sport has helped children with this condition and, as a matter of fact, has the ability to improve their motor skills, social skills, and tolerance to frustration.

These actions are framed with the program “Socializing through sports” which was created in 2013 and its teaching method is based on imitation.

Specifically, one of the main objectives of this therapeutic treatment for children with autism is that they can join in other social groups in their daily life.