Identify Autism on Time and Save Your Child

Autism is an issue that seems to be a trend in social media, everybody talks about it, but the truth is that very few can identify it and know which the warning signs are to go to a doctor.

To start, we will define autism as a syndrome that limits or modifies the natural communication skills, social interaction, and daily life behaviour. And this is why it has such a wide spectrum, i.e., not everyone who has the same symptoms have the same level, this is why there are people who can be functional with some limitations and those who have an extremely elevated level of disability.

A baby can show the first signs during its first year and before, among these signs are the lack of attention to his or her name or to sounds, not being able to sit up, delay in his or her psychomotor development and repeating activities.

Although, as mentioned before, the characteristics of autism can be so many and so varied that there is no way to know unless looked at by a specialist. In any case, the first step should be to go to the paediatrician when there is the smallest suspicion, and then the specialist can suggest a visit to the neurologist for a wider exploration.

Olmo Cuarón, a paediatrician in Spain, is an expert in children’s autism and knows that early detection is crucial for children to receive the correct therapy treatments. If parents are aware of their child’s development and note something strange, it is important to go to the doctor and not wait for further manifestations.

Olmo Cuarón himself states that, to this moment, there is no single explanation for autism, it is simply present in all countries, all socio-economic levels and with parents of all ages, so this is why there is no realistic way to prevent it, only ways to do an early diagnosis and provide proper treatment to help autistic patients have a more functional life.

Experts suggest to not interrupt the periodic visits to the paediatrician and in case of detecting any abnormal behaviours, it is important to share them in order make the necessary diagnosis.

Olmo Cuarón is one of the most renowned paediatricians in the country and has a long trajectory of treating cases of severe autism.