Include any of the boutique hotels in Goa in your next destination to India

The Arabian Sea bathes many continental coasts such as Africa, the Middle East, Oceania and South Asia. The latter has at its mercy numerous and diverse settlements in the Federal Republic of India. Among them is Goa, one of the 29 states that make up one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. The state is divided into two districts: North Goa and South Goa and these in turn are divided into 11 subdivisions. Its coastline comprises Goa 101 km.

A history of invasions, conquests and colonizations

Almost all the great European and Russian powers have given an account of this location to make it theirs, as well as many other states in India. Particularly in Goa, it was the English, the Dutch, but especially the Portuguese who carried out the conquest and colonization of this present sovereign state of what is today the independent Federal Republic of India.

Vasco de Gamas was the first Lusitanian navigator who in 1498 travelled directly from Europe to India in the longest oceanic journey ever made. It was Kerala where the explorer entered, passing later through Goa which has as its most populated city the so-called Vasco de Gama, honouring him who has been the discoverer of the maritime route of India.

Goa is sea and tropic

In North Goa you will find: Bardez, Bicholim, Pernem, Ponda, Satari and Tiswad. In South Goa, you will find Canacona, Mormugao, Quepem, Salcette and Sanguem. These are paradisiacal places because they belong to a tropical zone, with a temperate and humid climate most of the year. But, it is in May when the temperatures reach 35 ºC being the warmest period. Due to its warm nature, it is a very attractive tourist destination and therefore visited by lovers of the tropical atmosphere offered by the coasts.

Now then, the months of the year in which it is propitious to visit this locality of the India, is between November and March, when to the temperatures they lower after having passed the season of rains and the climate is usually fresher with morning levels between a maximum of 29 ºC and minimum of 20 ºC.

Dream destination

Today this Goa, a former Portuguese colony, is a tourist destination par excellence, very different from the rest of India, where you will not find the dirt, poverty and overpopulation that characterize cities like New Delhi or Bombay. Today, the 400 years of government left an indelible mark that can still be seen in the language, gastronomy, religion, customs and above all in the amazing and elegant colonial mansions that abound in the region and have become the attractive boutique hotels in Goa.

Therefore, what was a Portuguese colony and then a hippie paradise in the 1970s, is today a destination that hosts some of the best beaches in India. There are 35 beaches, each with its own personality, making it the perfect destination to enjoy its hidden beaches, see its Portuguese mansions, practice yoga, receive Ayurvedic massages, watch sunsets and enjoy its seaside parties.