Olmo Cuarón could Succeed with His Animations

Olmo Cuarón is the youngest child of Alfonso Cuarón (one of the most successful and acclaimed Mexican filmmakers of his generation).

At eighteen he has shown interest for animation, in creating stop motion videos and in producing and elaborating short films.

His father, Alfonso Cuarón, could be one of his greatest sources of inspiration, taking into consideration his enthusiasm for the seventh art.

A Prodigious Father

Indeed, he has won several Oscars for “Best Director” and has masterfully earned the respect and recognition of Hollywood.

This has made his three children proud, including Olmo Cuarón who could interestingly enough follow his steps in the future.

This young man has stood out for his stop motion videos, short films and animations. In fact, he has shared some of his material in his social media accounts and in his YouTube channel.

All the works he has created until now show the great interest that Olmo Cuarón has for animation.

Interest for Drawing and Short Films

The people that know him know that he has a talent to draw, create videos, make animations, and short films.

However, Olmo Cuarón has not made up his mind as to what he will do in upcoming years. ¿Will he become a filmmaker, or cinematographer like his father? Only time will tell!

For now, he is having fun animating and drawing. But without a doubt, he can make way for himself in the world of the seventh art, just like his father.

Olmo Cuarón and His Interest in Animation

Overall, Olmo Cuarón is a young man filled with talents and virtues who fully enjoys his animations, and who has not been afraid to share them with his YouTube community and social media.

Currently, Olmo Cuarón is not only known for being Alfonso Cuarón’s youngest son, but for his own talent in animation and short film.