Destinations in Europe by train – Knowing Valencia in Spain

If you have not decided yet where to spend your Christmas holidays, you can start considering few destinations in Europe by train because it is a fantastic way to travel through this continent. The options include international well-known cities like London, Brussels, Cannes, etc. Also you can visit Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse in France. However if you are looking for a Spaniard place let me suggest you to know Valencia.

To make the ambient, Valencia is the third most important Spanish metropolis after Madrid and Barcelona. It was built as a Roman colony by the consul Brutus Callaicus 138 years before Christ. The city was invaded by Moroccan and Arab Moors in the XVIII century. They introduced their customs including language, gastronomy and religion. Also they executed modern irrigation systems and new crops cultivation.

As an interesting fact it was the capital of the nation when Bonaparte placed the Court there in 1812 and kept this condition again during 1936 and 1937, the called Second Spanish Republic. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula eastern coast, facing the Gulf of Valencia on the Mediterranean Sea. Its historical downtown is one of the biggest in the country. Its inheritance of antique monuments, views and cultural sites put the city among the most popular spot for tourists in Spain.

A beautiful metropolis is waiting for you

It enjoys a Mediterranean climate with short, tolerable winters, little rain and long, warm and dry summers. Its average yearly temperature ranges from 13.8 to 23.0 oC being the period from December to February the coldest months. Before the 2008 economic crisis it was a strong empire held by tourism and construction industry. Nowadays most of the inhabitants belong to the service sector. Farm activities are still developed in the area but its importance is minor.

Its port is the largest on the Mediterranean western seaside, handling about 20% of the country exportations. The principal items are food products and beverages. Other articles include oranges as its sister city of the same name in Venezuela, furniture, ceramic tiles which are famed, fans, textiles and others. Manufacturing sector works on metallurgy, chemicals, ship construction and beer elaboration.

Valencia is a vibrant spot with several landmarks restored to attract the tourism. It includes the Serrans and Quart Towers built during the medieval epoch and the Monasterio de San Miguel de Los Reyes which possesses a conservation library. There is a maritime ride of 4 kilometers with tall palms alongside the renowned north beaches. A place you cannot miss!

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