Casa Vicens – Gaudi architecture was the beginning of everything

In your next vacations visiting Barcelona you should not miss Casa Vicens – Gaudi architecture because it is a work of art that represents the best of the inspired genius of this famous Catalan. His first house was opened with museum denomination on December 2017 and it is worth knowing every room and corner at the minimum detail.

It has resulted a consequence of many transformations, with three unmistakably separated spaces: the original building designed and constructed by Antonio Gaudí from 1883 to 1885; the expansion started in 1925 as a Joan Baptista Serra de Martinez’s work; and the garden adjoining the house.

The renovation development, thinking in the objective of presenting the place simultaneously as a museum and educational-cultural space modified the rooms built during the 1925 enlargement to offer the different services requested for the new functions and the general visitors. This way the great Gaudi’s designed spots have not been altered at all.

To improve the accessibility of the public to the internal areas contemporary stairs were placed instead of the original one making possible the connection between stories. Additionally, an elevator has been added to favor people with physical limitations can see every floor and the fascinating rooftop.

On the ground level there is a zone to welcome tourists and the two others stories present areas showing the perpetual exhibitions focused on the construction itself and the itinerant collections and other activities that prepare the museum project. La Capell store is a bookshop located in the basement and the Hofmann Café is situated at the garden limit.

Casa Vicens is open to the general public everyday from Monday to Sunday since 10 am to 8 pm even nobody is allowed to enter after 7 pm. It is closed only for Christmas (December 25th), New Year Day and Biblical Magi Celebration (January 1st and 6th, respectively).

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